The Design Process

The Design Process

Here's what you can expect during the design and construction process of a Site Productions website.

A detailed picture of what your business is, and what you want your website to achieve is established. Website structure and design ideas are sketched out, what a client likes and dislikes are discussed with regard to colours, fonts, logos and navigational layout. With this information a 'mockup' may be drawn.

A mockup is an appropriately sized picture of a website created using Adobe Photoshop. This picture can be put online and viewed in a standard browser window and gives an excellent representation of how your website will eventually look. This is because a picture is quicker and easier to manipulate and modify than an actual webpage.

When a client is completely happy with the look and feel of the mockup picture, it is used in the building of a webpage template using Photoshop and Homesite 4.5. Once the template is constructed, complete with a navigational system (menu) connecting the various pages and topics required by the client, content is added i.e. text, images and online forms etc.

As the website takes shape, it can be constantly monitored by the client online and minor adjustments made, until the client is happy to show the world. The entire website is then transferred to the chosen hosting servers, and it becomes available via their chosen domain name.

With a Site Productions website you are getting an original, distinct internet presence that will be responsive, load quickly, with clean HTML code that is search engine friendly. If you want to present a professional web presence to the world, leave it all to the professionals.

Site Productions currently charge by the hour (NZ$60/hour) for website design, construction and maintenance. An initial consultation is free.



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